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Honor,pride and dignity/honor,orgullo y dignidad. president of Combate Américas serious booking enquiries - elpatronbookings@hotmail.com


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Alberto El Patron

Omg what a Handsome guy you are 😍😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/zy7Akm0Vmo

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Alberto El Patron

Y vienen cosas mejores y más grandes, México gracias por su apoyo #sisisi https://t.co/uclJJGFsnJ

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Alberto El Patron

Thanks amigo 🙏🏻 https://t.co/5C1CPMbyd5

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Alberto El Patron

Congrats to 1 of my favorite fighters in my company @Gustavo11Lopez couldn't be prouder of my protege. W/ my amigo… https://t.co/3ow4Oc4ySz

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Alberto El Patron

With my dear friend @DrCantuAAA Gracias por tu amistad y por acompañarme en @combateamericas #sisisi https://t.co/d4K3634opL

With my dear friend @DrCantuAAA 
Gracias por tu amistad y por acompaña...

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Alberto El Patron

And I mean it 😉 #sisisi (visit https://t.co/3B4Ia9zvyn to see full article.)q https://t.co/NBVDOKZ20Q

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Alberto El Patron

Thank you Mexico City for your support we are completely SOLD OUT for the event tonight. Can you bring chairs w/ u,… https://t.co/pNw2YSXRvP

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Court Bauer

Cameras rolling on @VivaDelRio. No sleep for @combateamericas! @ Mexico City, Mexico https://t.co/qhLXm3g1ll

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Haha 😂 the best nights are these nights. What a good daddy and beautiful children. Having so much fun! @VivaDelRio https://t.co/XoMMJVi1HM

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Alberto El Patron

Mañana #lajaulaiscalling haremos historia #sisisi https://t.co/WQPQYduJom

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Alberto El Patron

Trying worms for the first time here in Mexico with my crazy one and compadre danleor they're… https://t.co/QegNNeyC1Q

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El Presidente,the First Lady & Campbell ! 💛 Combate Americas family ! 💛💛 https://t.co/XnYhQA00J8

El Presidente,the First Lady & Campbell ! 💛 Combate Americas famil...

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Alberto El Patron

No no estamos no cumplieron con transporte, seguridad, 0 seriedad y venimos sin pedir un centavo solo por los niños… https://t.co/ri5dVRrnnl

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Alberto El Patron

Look what my baby got me here in Mexico. Still trying to get her to wear one too and support the team haha.… https://t.co/SYJ36MMus0

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Alberto El Patron

Estamos en DF queremos apoyar la causa y vamos sin pedir ni un solo centavo con tal de poner una… https://t.co/Xgowg9H9Ub

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Alberto El Patron

Like I always say to you. Tomorrow is your night. Time to write your name in that history book. @Gustavo11Lopez https://t.co/7yUclkA0pp

Like I always say to you. Tomorrow is your night. Time to write your n...

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When the Ass kicker is afraid of getting his ass kicked by his fiancée 😂😂😂😂 @VivaDelRio @campbellcombate… https://t.co/tKoFLO1qjd

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Alberto El Patron

Ceremonia de pesaje fue un exito, aqui con una de mis estrellas @Nicdali manana haremos historia #combatediez… https://t.co/xujGUyEavT

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Alberto El Patron

Weigh ins was successful! I got goosebumps just because I could feel the fighters passion and energy! Can't wait 4… https://t.co/3vEKte6Hnm

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