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I woke up and thought it was Tuesday...

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I asked my mom if I was insane, she said that I was yelling at my calc hw for 4 hours, so yes, you are insane. Thanks Mom :)

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Nick Souvign

the base is up, now it's time to loot the town and kill some zeds! https://t.co/DItWzpYcBt @Retweet_Twitch

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We're now live for the Top 8 of the TEKKEN 7 tournament at Collision 2017 in Peru! Tune-in now @… https://t.co/yYlspeWoQ0

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This is so weird. Went to the movies to watch John Wick Chapter 2, I got a pair of fortunes that are the same, on a… https://t.co/MGshyKr9dZ

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I will seriously be shocked if Bardock doesn't make it to dbs, even Cell X will probably make it too. Toei and Shueisha want that $$$$

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Here we go. Pls be nice. Just Dance Stream is live https://t.co/B9WUKXEq3H

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Naruto Shippuden Came Out 10 Years Ago Today! Guess It's perfect they're ending Shippuden this year. https://t.co/KwmAJm9H9i

Naruto Shippuden Came Out 10 Years Ago Today! Guess It's perfect they'...

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I hate it when the professor makes you second guess a problem on a quiz, had to do a whole problem over Dx

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