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Coach Fairbell on 'Those Who Can't' on TruTV. My comedy album 'Hit the Dick Lights' is on iTunes!


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Andrew O.

Parking at this SF hotel is $60 A NIGHT. I'm thinking if I'm going to spend that much maybe I'll drive through the lobby window instead.

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Andrew O.

CRAN FRAGCISCO: I'm driving 100mph for the Grawlix shows tonight at CA Academy of Sciences (6:30) and Yacht Rock tomorrow! Come on out!

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Ben Roy

Hey, @truTV #thosewhocant fans! We'll be performing at Sketchfest in San Francisco this Thursday and Friday. Get tix https://t.co/qOLrhWPGbh

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Andrew O.

Me: Do you know how to dap? Daughter: DUH it's called dab! *Proceeds to do shittiest dab I've ever seen* Me: That was awful. We're even.

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Adam Cayton-Holland

San Francisco coming your way for some shows with @GrawlixComedy as well as solo! Come on out! https://t.co/EBd3JaC4b5

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Andrew O.

Classic. https://t.co/JgogASfVvl

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Noir Reads - Monthly subscription box featuring Black authors with a reading guide and online book club forum!… https://t.co/8E1j0iVc6B

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Andrew O.

Making homemade ravioli is a great way to end up ordering shitty Domino's pizza in a panic 45 minutes later.

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Ben Roy

Our friends at @truTV are making all the right moves. Holy shit am I excited for this show. https://t.co/uRzDEX89eT

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Eileen Curtright

Alone in my silent house when suddenly & for no reason, Alexa speaks: "I'm always trying to improve." 😨

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Andrew O.

My daughter's big takeaway from pictures during the Civil Rights movement is "Whoa lunch was only 50 cents?!" So we're about to have a chat.

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Evan McMullin

On this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, let it be clear that John Lewis is an American patriot. Trump's attacks on… https://t.co/NUp3im1z8P

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John Lewis

We are one people, one family, one house--the American house. We must learn to live together as brother & sister or we will perish as fools.

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Andrew O.

Just picked my daughter up after not seeing her for a week: "Dad, do you know what a will is and have you filled yours out yet?"

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Andrew O.

It's a shame that it's already the title of a book because 'A Confederacy of Dunces' perfectly describes the incoming administration.

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Big Money LA

TONIGHT! BANGER-ASS LINEUP W/ @TheOrvedahl @EpiGillespie @charpiecomedy @SabrinaJalees @EddieDellaSiepe @nathanbrannon 7:30 @TheVirgil FREE

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