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If it was this easy, why have people done nothing for years about the entire web of this mess? Or even just Trump gang? #opDeathEaters #Milo

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Angus Johnston

Two hours later, and Milo's book has dropped another eleven slots in the Amazon rankings. It's down twenty-seven places since mid-morning.

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Angus Johnston

Milo Yiannopoulos' not-yet-published book has dropped sixteen slots on Amazon's best-seller list in the last two hours.

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"What exactly are the shared values that [UK and US gov] would hope to have?” Umm, #opDeathEaters? https://t.co/lQ9GAegVKb

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Jake Tapper

These are the semantic word games going on now. It's all vile. Listen to his words on the tapes. 13 year olds cannot "give consent."

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That will not fix the problem of NAMBLA/PIE infiltration, but it's a good example of what massive public outcry wil… https://t.co/p42y0KS5nF

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#OpDeathEaters #PIE #NAMBLA nonsense has infiltrated our higher education systems. See https://t.co/T391MWnJs4 |… https://t.co/yipfsII6PE

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Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters: http://t.co/B75Fo75Q0h #OpDeathEaters

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How PIE fought to control the Internet and create/build the paedosadist industry. https://t.co/82OxWYL9TJ #NotChildLove #OpDeathEaters

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Words are important, stop saying paedophile, what you really mean is paedosadist. #OpDeathEaters #Milo https://t.co/NSJPE7qNLI

Words are important, stop saying paedophile, what you really mean is p...

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Who controls the words controls your thoughts. Stop paedosadist PIE propaganda https://t.co/N8KT1f9FAs #OpDeathEaters http://t.co/RnLdEuumgH

Who controls the words controls your thoughts. Stop paedosadist PIE pr...

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...to pretend they have a 'sexual preference' or an individual disorder. They also Disney-fied the word sadism into BDSM. #OpDeathEaters 2/2

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The words are important and we aren't giving on death eaters. They frame themselves as homosexuals (70s) & 'paedophiles' #OpDeathEaters 1/2

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Saying Paedosadism = sexual orientation is the same as saying rape = sexual orientation. There is no such thing as sex w/ kids just rape.

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Don't ignore societal cancer. Remove it when it's visible and malignant. Try to keep your societies healthy & free of sectarianism earlier.

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We are all one social organism and your neighbour's rights are your duty to uphold. Keep your neighbours safe, shun fascists. #antifa

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Anti-social movements like PIE and nazis all have the same talking points because they rely on you to protect them while they grow. #antifa

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