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Stand-up comic, Actor, Co-Creator of and Billy Shoemaker on the truTV series Those Who Can't, and lead yapper in rock n' roll outfit SPELLS.

Denver, CO

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Ben Roy

This week, while visiting my home here in Denver, Colorado, I was shocked and saddened to learn… https://t.co/tVZNWFHSEI

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I love watching reruns of #thosewhocant

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While in Denver we of course had to swing by @LionsLairDenver #ThoseWhoCant @benroy00 @CaytonHolland @TheOrvedahl https://t.co/OixxyO0TTK

While in Denver we of course had to swing by @LionsLairDenver #ThoseWh...

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The Laugh Button

Get pumped for the next season of #ThoseWhoCant by reading about its new writer. https://t.co/TFBwrP12Tl

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100% Honest

Just started watching #thosewhocant after catching up on #alwayssunny ...I'm going to be smiling ALL DAY! Two Brill… https://t.co/k9DCoJAYvv

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Hey, kids! We are heading north to Duluth and Minneapolis on March 10 + 11 to play a few shows with some pals. SPRE… https://t.co/X04jSxvp5l

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Ben Roy

Hey, Minnesota!!! We in @spellsrules are coming your way. We expect you washed and presenting… https://t.co/7NqjICRi7y

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Ben Roy

That's gross. And sexy. And then gross all over again. https://t.co/fIzdD319OD

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john polydoros

Two reasons I love Denver. This sign, and SPELLS. https://t.co/nW7VVOpjqj

Two reasons I love Denver. This sign, and SPELLS. https://t.co/nW7VVOp...

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Ben Roy

Tonight, Denver!!! 7PM! I'm headlining @comedyworks Downtown! If you haven't already got your… https://t.co/74Yx0VeJMQ

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Ben Roy

Off With Their Heads!!!!!! #dontpanicfest @ 3 Kings Tavern https://t.co/clgqA7UrEW

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Ben Roy

TONIGHT, DENVER!!!! Get down to Three Kings for @dontpanicfest featuring a ton of great bands.… https://t.co/pCHEJ3sbzg

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