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Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history. Tweets ending in -B are from Bernie, and all others are from a staffer.


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The Republicans' health care plan would throw up to 32 million more people off health insurance and double premiums… https://t.co/FVyIJ7oGlw

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Bernie Sanders

We need a Secretary of Education who actually supports public education. https://t.co/7gBARlJUEm

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Bernie Sanders

Across America, quality, affordable child care is hard to find. We should be investing in our kids, not giving the wealthy huge tax breaks.

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Bernie Sanders

Betsy DeVos, if you had not given $200 million to the Republican Party do you think you would be nominated to lead the Education Department?

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Bernie Sanders

I appreciate @POTUS listening to Puerto Ricans and people worldwide who believe Oscar Lopez Rivera deserves a chance to enjoy his freedom.

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Bernie Sanders

Our message to Republicans: Don't throw 32 million off health care. Don't raise the cost of medication. Don't defund Planned Parenthood.

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Bernie Sanders

I stand with teachers and students taking part in #ReclaimOurSchools day of action. We need jobs and education not jails and incarceration.

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Bernie Sanders

Our goal must be to join every other major country on earth in guaranteeing health care for all through a Medicare… https://t.co/rnffki1fst

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Bernie Sanders

One of Dr. King's many great strengths was that he understood change always takes place when millions of people sta… https://t.co/1Am4EnZEmf

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Bernie Sanders

Inequality is not just a major, major issue in America. It has become a global crisis we have no choice but to confront.

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Martin Luther King Jr. recognized healthcare as a human right. The only real healthcare solution is #Medicare4All!… https://t.co/Hr1muHEw03

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Bernie Sanders

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. we must fight to carry out his bold vision. He saw the relationship between racism… https://t.co/kyyLJ2CKev

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Bernie Sanders

I say to politicians: If you believe in what Dr. King stood for, stop the voter suppression, allow people to participate in our democracy.

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Bernie Sanders

While it's easy for politicians to say nice things about Dr. King, at the same time they are suppressing the vote. #MLKDAY

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Be A King

Senator Bernie Sanders tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. https://t.co/ubVo2ErSao

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