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Reince Priebus says there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials https://t.co/j59hXoNCjg https://t.co/PphLgMgUUj

Reince Priebus says there was no collusion between the Trump campaign...

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.@FareedZakaria on President Trump so far: "Do not confuse motion with progress...he's hardly done anything" https://t.co/HHu1Y4uXsl

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.@brianstelter reacts to President Trump incorrectly claiming at Florida rally that Sweden was attacked "last night" https://t.co/56fa70Th9u

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Norma McCorvey, known as "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, has died, according to priest close to famil… https://t.co/8KLUPVkSEs

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Bill Gates warns the world to prep for bio-terrorism https://t.co/B6NGRk0rIT https://t.co/gvLsOGbPTA

Bill Gates warns the world to prep for bio-terrorism https://t.co/B6NG...

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Michael Smerconish

Missed my “Fixing The Divide” special @CNN and are asking what I mean by @CrackerBarrel & @WholeFoods – watch this: https://t.co/3RfcLPOKjs

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.@smerconish critiques Trump's attacks on the press, says "this is the golden age of journalism," https://t.co/YLjW8rXamQ

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"Trump supporters are not welcome": Many roommate ads now come with a political clause, reports @smerconish https://t.co/x3BL13OBuN

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.@jorgeramosnews to @smerconish: "Now it seems that Donald Trump wants to be the deportation czar" https://t.co/BHEEgyEnR2

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.@smerconish responds angrily to tweet: "Enough of this 'fake news' garbage!" https://t.co/6rrKJohKi9

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.@TimOBrien on the issues w/ frequent @POTUS travel: "He hasn't fully separated himself from his businesses" https://t.co/qG3vFyosVU

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Tony Blinken "It shouldn't be this hard to fill the most important job in national security" https://t.co/089aRMor8Y https://t.co/fEuvPwtngy

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There's one thing going right for President Trump https://t.co/5HHAPNBIil https://t.co/KcyQO5SJOE

There's one thing going right for President Trump https://t.co/5HHAPNB...

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.@davidzurawik on @potus: "He really wants to feel the love, but it's like he has these demon voices in his head" https://t.co/hP3DmzdsPS

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.@tedcruz tells @mkraju that John Bolton should get the nod for the vacant National Security Advisor job https://t.co/PpKyty1hah

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.@brikeilarcnn to @JFKucinich: Is "Trump's 'believe me'" the new "read my lips?" https://t.co/nWkJDybnjB

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.@DavidChalian: "This was as clean and distraction free of a Trump appearance I've seen in some time" https://t.co/hhaq16SsrQ

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Trump at a Boeing plant in South Carolina: "We want products made by our workers, in our factories" https://t.co/rUZ4jIBAI2

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President Trump: "Already, American industry is roaring back" https://t.co/ZjHPS7mBOh https://t.co/3YW737qDfY

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President Trump at Boeing in South Carolina: "This is our mantra. Buy American and hire American" https://t.co/ZnydjozIh6

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