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National Legal Director, ACLU; Professor at Georgetown Law; regular contributor to NY Review of Books; author of Engines of Liberty.

Washington, DC

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David Cole

Trump lawyers battling over how far they can go in new travel ban for 7 Muslim nations https://t.co/C42KBHS1dD

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ACLU National

Here's why we are worried that Latinos were arrested by DHS after leaving hypothermia center on a winter night https://t.co/10jBiVAtrG

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Liora Lazarus

Proud to have our first publication in the Hart Studies in Security and Justice series from @DavidColeACLU https://t.co/vSAXL2e8vB

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David Frum

"No illusions please: This bill will not be repealed.” I was sacked by AEI 7 yrs ago for that prediction. Worth it.… https://t.co/vt7yUcS7v4

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David Cole

Bookstores v. Trump. via @nytimes https://t.co/ovc7ooaKSu

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Leader Entertainment

@LAReviewofBooks @devalara44 @DavidColeACLU @thenation https://t.co/rUvl4z4Nss

@LAReviewofBooks @devalara44 @DavidColeACLU @thenation https://t.co/rU...

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Sherrilyn Ifill

Thank you. Fully satisfied as a civil rights lawyer though! https://t.co/K3MQLcUUSZ

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The New Yorker

Nine ways to oppose Donald Trump: there are lots of options to get involved and retain your sanity. https://t.co/PpLBd3Nwgj

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David Cole

Man's inhumanity to man, 2017. Trump's cruel plans to deport millions of immigrants. https://t.co/RboOYRV2GJ

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Sherrilyn Ifill

Judge Shira Scheindlin on the injustice of mandatory minimums. https://t.co/8pFYRiNQ5P

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Jim Sciutto

I've covered foreign countries where free media declared the enemy: China, Russia, Zimbabwe, Myanmar & more. Not la… https://t.co/XSxMKgDSby

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Carl Takei

New @smithsonian exhibit on #EO9066 includes my grandpa's 1000-stitch sash, which his mom sewed for him in incarcer… https://t.co/QDHDiNl7NS

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LA Review of Books

Taking Trump to Court: @DavidColeACLU on why Trump is losing—everywhere. @TheNation podcast co-produced by LARB… https://t.co/8m3MAF4e4S

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David Cole

Maybe that warrants investigation? https://t.co/6hN1yOCxzP

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David Cole

Uh, Yes. https://t.co/szZ0mQbWPx

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Brian Klaas

Today, we are paying for: -Secret Service for Trump sons in Dubai to open hotel -3rd $3m trip to Mar-a-Lago in a row -NYC security (Melania)

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Amir Ali

MJC DC officially in business and filed this today, documenting Trump's record of hate for Muslims in one place: https://t.co/K6U67kSE7o

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LA Review of Books

Taking Trump to Court: @DavidColeACLU on why Trump is losing—everywhere. @TheNation podcast co-produced by LARB… https://t.co/qf0syxvdgc

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Brennan Center

Sessions' will be an AG for vote suppressors + perpetrators of the voter fraud myth, says @justadcohen. https://t.co/FAztOqgT2f

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