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MD,Ob-Gyn, ABC News Chief Women's Health Correspondent, author of EatThisNotThatWhenYoureExpecting, M.S. in Nutrition,fitness fanatic,hockey fan, mom.

New York

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Our hearts r broken that the father of my teenage children took his own life yesterday. Our hearts r...… https://t.co/NJKD0gHtLT

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

New Study Suggests Eating Whole Grains May Aid Weight Loss https://t.co/SFxA0spPMo? soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw via @GMA

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Best makeup artist ever! Thk u!!! https://t.co/DnfwRO4zGz

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

so excited 4 my friend/colleague @RealBizwithRJ @RebeccaJarvis new podcast! listen here: https://t.co/cyqfoOLV2c She is the real deal!

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UN Women

The scars left by female genital mutilation last a lifetime. Let’s protect our girls and stand up for their rights!… https://t.co/hPJVeU9pX6

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Best #SuperBowl ever! Epic display by Brady and @Patriots #GOAT

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Good luck to @McCourtyTwins & @Patriots today! #SuperBowl2017 https://t.co/jkp4N4Q60g

Good luck to @McCourtyTwins & @Patriots today! #SuperBowl2017 http...

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Congrats 2 @LvilleHockey for their home sweep vs strong Northwood team this weekend! We r undefeated at home! go Big Red! #brvih

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

If u r coach/sports parent/educator pls watch this: it's abt all that's right w a coach like this https://t.co/ZvuJ0ysOxa via @youtube

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

So thrilled for my friend @mollanderson whose new book is #1 on Amazon & it hasn't even come out yet #yay #color https://t.co/gmWaAIt6mU

So thrilled for my friend @mollanderson whose new book is #1 on Amazon...

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

From @gma to the OR .. busy day for me #notjustadoctorontv #doctorslife https://t.co/iBmsBtZJIg

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Miss u @mattiseman but luv watching u crush it on #CelebrityApprentice https://t.co/81oPthCn2B

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Thk u! #highpraise https://t.co/Vwrjd9GZjJ

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