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The Academy

When you wake up and realize it's #Oscars Sunday! https://t.co/WEBR80mMzD

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Good Morning America

Countdown to the #Oscars with @Aquafina: Just ONE day to go! https://t.co/TVeTOWrVy6 https://t.co/9UoKKu7erd

Countdown to the #Oscars with @Aquafina: Just ONE day to go! https://t...

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Good Morning America

They're here! Welcome to #Hollywood @arobach & @LaraSpencer! Next stop - the #Oscars! @theacademy @GMA https://t.co/lEsbGye4QX

They're here! Welcome to #Hollywood @arobach & @LaraSpencer! Next...

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Jimmy Kimmel

My #Oscars gift basket https://t.co/ghTXcxkORh

My #Oscars gift basket https://t.co/ghTXcxkORh

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The Academy

The #Oscars take quite a journey before they hit the stage on Sunday. https://t.co/OazBdEg3OZ

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Amy Robach

Second Annual pre-Oscars hike! @ Runyon Canyon Park https://t.co/eTr4CbpQjh

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America! @RobinRoberts @michaelstrahan @arobach & @LaraSpencer are in #Hollywood for the #Oscars! RT… https://t.co/iLTibRmOyF

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Ashley Borden

Thank you @GMA! We had a great time! 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾❤️ https://t.co/AgsQJ7Vhh6

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Ashley Borden

Hey all! . This morning at 8am PST I'll be joining @gma on their Facebook page… https://t.co/Ml7G32D9iw

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What's your favorite moment during tonight's show? Let us know & don't forget to tweet tonight using #SharksOn2020… https://t.co/RrrW8xnKz3

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Are you watching all the #SharksOn2020? We're swimming with the sharks! 🦈 RT if watching, east/central!… https://t.co/luxi3NxLti

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Congrats Shark Tank!! Two #SharkTank "Kid-preneurs" are celebrating the $100million in deals, are you? See them soo… https://t.co/LTA8ye6jOu

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Robin Roberts

Come on! We welcome the company and they better get some rest on the flight cuz it's non-stop action out here! 😍 https://t.co/PyqWJgiBU5

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Ben Sherwood

Rehearsals going great! So many surprises. @TheAcademy #Oscars https://t.co/lpT20d23ab

Rehearsals going great! So many surprises. @TheAcademy #Oscars https:/...

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Good Morning America

Husband works out with fake pregnancy belly to understand what it's like for pregnant wife to head to gym with him.… https://t.co/WK5bTHXFSE

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Good Morning America

Here they come! @arobach & @michaelstrahan headed to #Hollywood to meet up with @RobinRoberts & @LaraSpencer for… https://t.co/XLX4J1Vc4c

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Tony Morrison

So cool. @RobinRoberts with a real life #Oscar in hand in Hollywood. It weighs 8.5lbs and stands 13.5in tall!… https://t.co/goYAEdHLdc

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Good Morning America

2-year-old boy loses his school's race after he runs over to hug his father instead of crossing the finish line.… https://t.co/vzMuL2Arf1

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Good Morning America

Oscar producers share behind-the-scenes secrets from Hollywood's big night. "It’s actually kind of thrilling."… https://t.co/XBXnyzngR6

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Dwayne Johnson

👏🏾 Excellent job fam. If we bring home the #Oscar this weekend, you both are our good luck charm. If we don't it's… https://t.co/rNBudKbLGn

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