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Jessica Valenti

I guess Chait didn't use the word 'women' once because he wanted to make sure men knew they were welcome to read it https://t.co/qG9tSaXhYV

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Jessica Valenti

Not at all troubling. https://t.co/aAGlshk5IV

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Alisha Grauso

Most telling line: “Donald is a believer in the big-lie theory...If you say something again and again, people will… https://t.co/57JFsmjTH4

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Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump has reinstated the #GlobalGag rule. @CecileRichards explains what this could mean for women & girls: https://t.co/Jna6hIm92K

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Jessica Valenti

And half of them just happened to be wearing the same hat that day https://t.co/voDqLaZs3k

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A 20-country study from 2011 found abortion rates actually *increased* 40% the last time #GlobalGagRule was in place https://t.co/snWaMiNTny

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Jessica Valenti

Oh. Oh my. https://t.co/bNNQKBTMsY

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Jessica Pieklo

The impact of global gag rule won't be decrease in number of abortions but an increase in the number of unsafe ones https://t.co/QrhvsPckLm

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What's at stake with the global gag rule via @amprog. https://t.co/CPnyx6GULC it's NOT about abortion funding—it IS completely indefensible

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Jessica Valenti

This is when they show their true colors. What a few thousand maternal deaths so long as no one gets an abortion? https://t.co/YzKgmChC4c

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CNN Politics

BREAKING: The US is investigating calls between Trump's national security adviser Mike Flynn and a Russian diplomat https://t.co/ph9nnvq33w

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