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WWE analyst for @Upgruv (download their free app). @CSReality Executive Producer. Featured on NBC Sports. @IWCWrestling performer & producer.


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Justin LaBar

I got this one right as I'm live tweeting #SDLive over on upgruv! Come join me! #SDLIVE https://t.co/1XBfT0gnh7

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Justin LaBar

My #WWE opinion writing is on https://t.co/wrv11z45fB & I'm currently hijacking the @upgruv Twitter tonight live tweeting #SDLive.

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Justin LaBar

I'll be doing all my live tweeting of #SDLive over on the @upgruv account! Go follow them and chat with me!

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Johnnie Walker

Now following @upgruv so I can monitor @JustinLaBar live SmackDown tweets. #SDLIVE #WWE

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Justin LaBar

Tonight I takeover @upgruv & live tweet #SDLive. https://t.co/P4jm86IgEL where my #WWE columns are &fun site w/ what's trending. Go follow.

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Justin LaBar

I've been asking this same thing. @Hooters we need answers. https://t.co/BcDJ00aXEv

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Justin LaBar

Check out my appearance where we talk how I became a #WWE analyst and got involved in the things I do. https://t.co/Nt8cDOep0v

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Justin LaBar

Do I think Kurt Angle has another #WWE match, who would it be if so & what his HOF means? 2 minutes of REALITY https://t.co/smjZqKAP9J

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Justin LaBar

What Kurt Angle going in the #WWE Hall of Fame means and the question of another match and against who? https://t.co/smjZqKAP9J

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Pittsburgh's @RealKurtAngle is going into the #WWE Hall of Fame. Our analyst @JustinLaBar talks what it means and i… https://t.co/jq8mXZNeaP

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Andy Shepherd

That's high praise coming from you Justin. Thanks so much! https://t.co/GqbjqTGKve

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Justin LaBar

Come work with me! https://t.co/0EeDfMHP1N

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Justin LaBar

Can't wait for audio show to return weekly on 1/25. Search Wrestling Reality on iTunes & every platform to subscribe. #RAW

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Justin LaBar

OUCH! Roman Reigns hit that spear HIGH on Strowman. #RAW

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Justin LaBar

If nobody pins Braun Strowman until WrestleMania and he fights Brock Lesnar...that will have a ton of potential to MAKE him. #RAW

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Justin LaBar

Last month Chris Jericho showed up. Past RESET button shows Tommy Dreamer became champ. This Saturday I manage the… https://t.co/gmfcDw95tf

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Demon Diva

Two shield members and an Uber driver 😐 #RAW https://t.co/CwhcuieIRd

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