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#LALALAND - Now Playing in theaters. From director and writer Damien Chazelle, and starring @RyanGosling and Emma Stone.

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fearne cotton

Oh La La Land... now that is how cinema should make you feel! I cried, I beamed from ear to ear and fell fully in to the fantasy of it all 😍

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La La Land

There’s nothing more exciting than living the dream. @RyanGosling stars in #LALALAND, now playing. Get tickets:… https://t.co/zBKByto8On

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La La Land

Don’t miss @RyanGosling and Emma Stone’s Golden Globe winning performances in #LALALAND - Now Playing! Tickets:… https://t.co/ywVpHovLtK

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La La Land

See the award-winning performances by @RyanGosling and Emma Stone in #LALALAND, now playing in theaters everywhere:… https://t.co/jI9zbyOUMF

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La La Land

Tag someone you’d give a🌹 to & take them to see @RyanGosling and Emma Stone in #LALALAND - Now Playing! Tickets:… https://t.co/ZF9In9HB4p

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La La Land

Tune in to #CloseUpWithTHR featuring #LALALAND director Damien Chazelle! Airing on @SundanceTV tomorrow, Sunday Jan… https://t.co/Ct1i53HM6K

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#LaLaLand launches in Imax with a dramatic new poster. https://t.co/y6SjATSjn0 https://t.co/0bhF7QNHMM

#LaLaLand launches in Imax with a dramatic new poster. https://t.co/y6...

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La La Land

.@RyanGosling, Emma Stone, and Damien Chazelle celebrated #LALALAND at the official UK premiere! https://t.co/fq7wttrTfr

.@RyanGosling, Emma Stone, and Damien Chazelle celebrated #LALALAND at...

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Affinity Magazine

La La Land’s Hidden Gem: https://t.co/9BOnGDqkvf https://t.co/AmePQen5DS

La La Land’s Hidden Gem: https://t.co/9BOnGDqkvf https://t.co/AmePQen5...

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13 pieces of #LaLaLand fan art that will make you want to watch it all over again: https://t.co/5QyHevogiG https://t.co/PgwN5SJ1Vi

13 pieces of #LaLaLand fan art that will make you want to watch it all...

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Jeremy Cowart

A full week later and my wife and I still can’t stop talking about La La Land. See it this weekend if you haven’t yet.

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La La Land

Feel the rhythm of love. @RyanGosling & Emma Stone will dance their way into your 💗 in #LALALAND, now playing.… https://t.co/64Bf0ihAvc

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La La Land

Get ready to dance your 💗 out. #LALALAND is now playing in theaters everywhere. Get tickets: https://t.co/uSgmIw12dA https://t.co/rcQ92V695K

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La La Land

Emma Stone and @RyanGosling are the perfect match in #LALALAND. 🌹 See it in theaters, now playing everywhere:… https://t.co/gHAqT7B1LH

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La La Land

Critics and audiences have fallen in love with #LALALAND. 🌹 See it in theaters now. https://t.co/uSgmIw12dA https://t.co/ZzNkEra0Kq

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La La Land

RT for the chance to win 1 of 3 signed #LALALAND sheet music! 🎶 Get the Score: https://t.co/gqJE0W9EU1 (U.S. Only,… https://t.co/vRVJTNMOYB

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La La Land

Congrats to #LALALAND director Damien Chazelle on his #DGA nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement In Fe… https://t.co/KULzNAXqs0

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La La Land broke the record for most Golden Globes won by a single movie ever, bringing home seven awards total.… https://t.co/xYdQgTbFts

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🎵 Sing all the way home from #LaLaLand with our exclusive song sheet! Get one Friday in select theatres:… https://t.co/193pKtpJx1

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Lionsgate UK

The amazing Emma Stone, @RyanGosling and Damien Chazelle are here in London to celebrate the release of #LaLaLand!… https://t.co/aO51UaIz8c

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