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Journalist, author, feminist, nerd. Contributing Editor, @Newstatesman. Latest book: 'Unspeakable Things', Bloomsbury. Patreon below!

London, England

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Dion Kagan

Anglo-American r/ship: "special in the way that a relationship between co-dependent alcoholics is special" @PennyRed https://t.co/RJ0RoKpcbp

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Joe Lamie

Appears hundreds of graves vandalized at #STL Jewish cemetery. Damage is extensive. @andybankertv live report on… https://t.co/ukcUxZ8BF1

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Michelle B. Van Dyke

.@rgay sent a statement to me regarding @simonschuster canceling the publication of Milo Yiannopoulos’s book… https://t.co/yE55OiVylw

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The New York Times

Alex Jones "is apparently taking on a new role as occasional information source and validator for the president" https://t.co/OHIsD2Qn4q

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Musa Okwonga

https://t.co/7Bzxa5SadG #Milo https://t.co/mNtgFk6V1t

https://t.co/7Bzxa5SadG #Milo https://t.co/mNtgFk6V1t

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Rose Eveleth 🚀

I'm sorry you're all learning about Milo but also maybe you could have listened to the people who warned you about him for a long time?

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Eric George

Reminded today of this great piece by @PennyRed. For Milo, so much of this is just a game. https://t.co/dGrTKKqiBI https://t.co/ywM3aiHgO4

Reminded today of this great piece by @PennyRed. For Milo, so much of...

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Laurie Penny

But if you want to play this game, go ahead and guess the moral arguments of what I'm writing and the person who gets closest wins a prize.

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Laurie Penny

Go on and condemn me for what you think I'm writing before I've write it, that's definitely a good use of everyone's time.

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