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@Cubs TV play-by-play announcer. Not a hunter (or gatherer really). I do like to eat however. Opinions are mine & sometimes subject to head-scratching reactions


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Len Kasper

Kimmel might be best Oscar host I've seen. Clinical efficiency with quick jokes, moves things along. Not about him. Excellent work.

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Evan Altman

Listening to @LenKasper on a sunny February is a nice thing.

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Colleen Henley

My favorite kind of @LenKasper is Spring Training Len Kasper.

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Chicago Cubs

#Cubs vs. Cleveland today at 2:05 p.m. CST. 📻: @670TheScore Gameday: https://t.co/92Qtj0iuTJ https://t.co/CmYDNdZs2i

#Cubs vs. Cleveland today at 2:05 p.m. CST.

📻: @670TheScore 

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670 The Score

Our first #Cubs broadcast of the season will be tomorrow at 1:55 p.m. It's @LenKasper and Ron Coomer with the call on 670.

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Nice to have @LenKasper and @JimDeshaies as house guests for the next 7+ months again. It's been a long (short) winter.

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Len Kasper

Our view from the booth. @Cubs hosting @Athletics on @WGNTV. 2p for Cactus League opener. 70th yr of Cubs on Ch. 9. https://t.co/EyCo2W6Zmn

Our view from the booth. @Cubs hosting @Athletics on @WGNTV. 2p for Ca...

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Super 70s Sports

I want to buy this, wear it around town running my routine errands, and see exactly how long it takes the police to… https://t.co/r5aKvEv5UF

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670 The Score

We have our first #Cubs broadcast Sunday at 1:55 p.m., as they face Indians. Tune in to 670 for the call with @LenKasper and @CoomsCorner8.

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Len Kasper

We were thinking about shortest off-seasons ever. Nov. 2 final game to Feb. 25 first spring game. Pretty cool...

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Len Kasper

Saturday programming note: @Cubs Cactus League opener on @WGNTV 2p CT as they host @Athletics. The defending WS Champs get it started!!

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Carrie Muskat

#Cubs Baez has new tattoo, just finished it last night https://t.co/mwxGJfT2Fi

#Cubs Baez has new tattoo, just finished it last night https://t.co/mw...

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instead of lusting after sexy, younger planets, you should appreciate the loving earth that's stuck by your cheating ass this whole time

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My mom has taken me to see The Who, Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Ozzfest, an… https://t.co/BULk9Iq2w7

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