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Exec Producer & Host of my NEW Podcasts "Making Their Way To The Ring" & "Luchando", Singer/Songwriter Insta: @LilianGarcia FB-LilianGarciaOfficialFanPage

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Lilian Garcia

This girl knows about adversity! Catch @NaomiWWE journey on #ToTheRing https://t.co/pMwQ3r0MOX… https://t.co/XWU47SXSTk

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Jaclyn Castillo

Watching @NaomiWWE on @LilianGarcia "Making our way to the ring." While I wait for #SDLive to start. https://t.co/E5cWjMuh8j

Watching @NaomiWWE on @LilianGarcia 'Making our way to the ring.' Whil...

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Lilian Garcia

. @afterbuzztv just fixed it. Try this link! 😉 https://t.co/izpk7H5LXq https://t.co/ARWl7zSUFw

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Lilian Garcia

And thk u @NaomiWWE 4 opening up as much as u did on my podcast #ToTheRing. Hope u c what an inspiration u are! 🙌🏼 https://t.co/A7Pjt1wt77

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Ryan Satin

Check out #ToTheRing w/ @LilianGarcia this week and guest @NaomiWWE! WATCH: https://t.co/6DxKeRXe9F LISTEN:… https://t.co/W3H7HOEosT

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Otha Avent

Just listen to @NaomiWWE interview with @LilianGarcia and I have to say it was very inspirational. Naomi u give us… https://t.co/9ntXyoJLVj

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Feeling the Glow with @NaomiWWE and @LilianGarcia on #ToTheRing ... Great talk with the Champ and Lilian https://t.co/5PYKt3CdEk

Feeling the Glow with @NaomiWWE and @LilianGarcia on #ToTheRing  ...

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capri ✨

On the road listening to @NaomiWWE on @LilianGarcia "Making our way to the ring." I brought tissues with me. ❤😝 https://t.co/y4RlB2hoCg

On the road listening to @NaomiWWE on @LilianGarcia 'Making our way to...

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Lilian Garcia

Blast bkstage at #Raw 2nite! Hard at work in my room doing more future interviews of amazing @WWE SS 4 my show… https://t.co/G8U8c3jgvq

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Yall @LilianGarcia interview with @NaomiWWE was soo good!!! They talk about her Fam and jon + title victory!! Im cr… https://t.co/HYU4aZAgyB

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Ebony. 💫

This is about to be me at work sneaking to the bathroom trying to listen to @NaomiWWE on the podcast @LilianGarcia. https://t.co/S9vrQ21v7o

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Joel Romero

@LilianGarcia: @NaomiWWE is gonna be on #ToTheRing this Monday Me running to my computer: https://t.co/XHjPQKToHD

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Lilian Garcia

The wait is over! It's time to FEEL THE GLOW with @NaomiWWE on #ToTheRIng. Catch it now on @afterbuzztv https://t.co/2lthzulIOh or iTunes!

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Lilian Garcia

Don't forget that it's GLOW time tmro as the Champ @NaomiWWE will be my guest on #ToTheRing ! Amazing athlete/ incr… https://t.co/zDojzWGUra

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Lilian Garcia

Awesome morning workout doing bikiniblast & killercore on @Torrie11 's website… https://t.co/sbd4PH3Mz0

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Don't miss the champ @NaomiWWE on @LilianGarcia's Making Their Way #ToTheRing this MONDAY! They actually went shark… https://t.co/UPi9tJKDLv

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@LilianGarcia @NaomiWWE https://t.co/Gmvp9uHIbX

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Michael Summerlin

I can't wait to #FEELtheGLOW on your show Making their way #ToTheRing this Monday, @LilianGarcia. I just know that… https://t.co/jJXYwxlSfG

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Lilian Garcia

U guys r good!! Yes! Miss #FeelTheGlow herself @NaomiWWE will be my guest this Mon on my podcast #ToTheRing ! Wait… https://t.co/oMiNs1CJle

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Lilian Garcia

So, r u guys ready 2 find out who will be my next guest this Mon on #ToTheRing ? Let's just say they've gone from funky to bad to a champ!!

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