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PEACE, LOVE and OUTRAGE✌❤😠 Industrial Design Graduate Student If you think climate change is a hoax or it's rough being white, go away. #NoDAPL


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Pat the Berner

Please read! The Reins Act is extremely dangerous and can't be allowed to pass the Senate. https://t.co/TVrE3oDpDh

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Pat the Berner

Hillary's selling of TPP as the gold standard and phony waffling on it hurt her campaign more than Russia ever did.… https://t.co/XudmS41dj1

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Democrats lost 5 % points since the election and Republicans now outnumber them. #DemExit was very, very real.… https://t.co/WJbcTp0a1X

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Woobie Tuesday

Mon 1/23 10:30am ET Trump to sign EO & begin detaining/deporting some Dreamers #DACA #Immigration #HereToStay… https://t.co/E9oZFipvtB

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Kurt Hackbarth

I think I'm doing to set my auto-respond to everything @SenWarren tweets over the next 4 years with: "Yeah, well you shoulda backed #Bernie"

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Peter Douche

#Inauguration NEVER FORGET At 11pst the RESISTANCE began when Hillary attended a luncheon with Trump. The anger in her clapping was palpable

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@BernieSanders is right. We "will not stand for their greed at the expense of the working class." We fight on. ✊… https://t.co/wPqWgUalAH

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Pat the Berner

#Inauguration Don't forget to laugh at it all. BERNIE WOULDA WON https://t.co/mb3mBFp1Yp

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Worried about dark money on the left? @ThirdWayTweet getting huge influx of cash. Who are they? @lhfang explains: https://t.co/i4ay9uT7NB

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