Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

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BREAKING: #ADogsPurpose #LA premiere event is canceled after dog cruelty video goes viral! #BoycottADogsPurpose https://t.co/wR0hL8Vtgk

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@peta A dogs purpose is to be loved and cared for and to be a part of your family 💘🐕 #boycottadogspurpose https://t.co/S20fdxksk1

@peta A dogs purpose is to be loved and cared for and to be a part of...

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Starving sun bears beg for food in zoo. The video will break your heart. They're so skinny, you can see bones 😢… https://t.co/wrKRI2w25p

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Watch: @MaggieQ & @peta team up to protest wearing fur https://t.co/7YdKfxTdG9 https://t.co/kj0LpQ91yJ

Watch: @MaggieQ & @peta team up to protest wearing fur https://t.c...

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The outrage over #ADogsPurpose shows that people DON'T want to see animals exploited for movies or TV. CC: @CBS #TheGreatIndoors

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Bright lights & loud noises on a TV set can be traumatizing for wild animals. #TheGreatIndoors is another @CBS show we won't be watching!

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Yet another show on @CBS exploiting wild animals. No tiger wants to be kept in a cage, especially one this small.… https://t.co/fehdqfFSwz

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#Desperate. Dairy industry asking FDA to ban almond, soy, & other #vegan milk from using the term “milk” on labels.… https://t.co/rA5VdkRk2E

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