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6x UFC Champion, Movie Actor and TV Personality - for bookings email Val@xtremecouturemma.com

Las Vegas, NV

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Come meet #MMAFA stars @Randy_Couture @ELNegro01 @RuasVt @lewpolley and @ViniciusSpartan. February 11 at 1 pm… https://t.co/IeW8Ugy8iB

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.@TheNotoriousMMA If you want to do more than posture--join us in D.C. and assist us in getting the tools you need.… https://t.co/fmMMPiBHPK

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Jon Fitch

@MMAFA RT @MMAonSiriusXM: .@jonfitchdotnet explains why we need to protect fighter's rights in MMA ... https://t.co/eMcEqIjhFk

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Mindy Robinson

@Randy_Couture @wildwesthouston wouldn't let Randy Couture in tonight because of this style driver's cap, really? S… https://t.co/XwifHgg3L9

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Individual sports and endeavors have promotions. They are not "leagues." All attempts to define as leagues are blatant restraints of trade.

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Scott Coker

As a martial artist and an MMA promoter, here is my open letter and #Bellator170 invite to the very talented… https://t.co/fmjvaRvpYQ

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Scott Coker

That fight actually peaked at over 900k and was the 1st female MMA Main Event on a national TV platform.… https://t.co/kLy74rYvLs

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Randy Couture

These scars , The ones on this body, The ones on this heart, Are worth their weight In silver… https://t.co/ISnc2hNamj

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The @MuhammadAli Expansion Act was reintroduced on January 3 in the 115th Congress: https://t.co/BktBu4iXWn #MMAFA #AliAct2MMA @RepMullin

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Olympic Hero @RealKurtAngle Vs UFC Champ @Randy_Couture Vs Superman @RealDeanCain Vs Hercules @ksorbs Only at… https://t.co/odowOSQgN6

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Get personal video message from Randy Couture https://t.co/UiHGtC2r0J @Randy_Couture #UFC #TheExpendables #MMA… https://t.co/JDlmdJvDbp

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Bellator MMA

Straight outta West Linn, Oregon #Bellator170 @ChaelSonnen https://t.co/ustPl2Mkzv

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Curran Jacobs

No sympathy for @RondaRousey Poor sport as a winner and as a loser. https://t.co/lOhLg5XB8d

No sympathy for @RondaRousey 
Poor sport as a winner and as a loser. h...

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Markwayne Mullin

Today is #OpeningDay for the 115th Congress. Time to get to work making America better for our future generations. https://t.co/qaptl8hZkQ

Today is #OpeningDay for the 115th Congress. Time to get to work makin...

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#WSOFNYC: Relive the historic night of amazing fights from @TheGarden with complete results, recaps & highlights:… https://t.co/RNQsftDAZT

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Scott Coker

Can't wait to watch the American Gangster, @ChaelSonnen, tonight at 8/7c on @nbc #CelebApprentice https://t.co/RZZ0Ubwb2W

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Tim Kennedy

Tonight at 8:45 PM ct I will live stream from Facebook at the season finale of #HuntingHitler with fellow investigator @DrMikeSimpson

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Bellator MMA

You thought you knew everything about @ChaelSonnen, until... #Bellator170 https://t.co/KkDQmUumhh

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MMAFA's @Randy_Couture speaks @MMAWorldSeries fan event and explains systemic flaw in MMA and need for #AliAct2MMA https://t.co/amqbd2IIYT

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Ray Sefo

#WSOFNYC autograph signing at the @TheGarden with @Randy_Couture @Judo_Kayla and @ChuckLiddell, thank you team and… https://t.co/BcIe9XsCBj

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