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Robin Roberts

Now on @GMA..over 15 yrs ago the rock band "The Strokes" released its first album..now member #NickValensi is back w his new group @crxmusic

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Robin Roberts

Something tells me we’re going to need lots of tissue for the #beachesmovie remake…@idinamenzel is live to discuss her role as CC.

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Good Morning America

From all of us at @GMA, thank YOU for making us your "Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team" at last night's… https://t.co/caTyYKlliy

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Robin Roberts

The talented #WoodyHarrelson is joining us from London this morn..he will chat about his new project..a live movie streaming into theaters.

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Robin Roberts

It's Kombucha...yesterday I saw Matthew McConaughey drinking it too when he was here @GMA. https://t.co/4rLerAiUgV

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Robin Roberts

Coming up on our #BigBoard @ABCSharkTank's "Mr. Wonderful" will join us live to talk about his big splash in politics.

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Robin Roberts

Next on @GMA this Thurs morn..@jonkarl bring us the latest on the health of #GHWB and #BarbaraBush who are both hospitalized in Houston.

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Robin Roberts

What can you say or do to make this a #ThoughtfulThursday for someone? 🤔 #HappyFridayEve

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Darrin Henson MrDhen

@RobinRoberts Thank you for sharing Quotes from my book #Aintthatthetruth I'm so happy it inspired you to inspire millions - Darrin Henson

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Robin Roberts

The one & only #RonSwanson is here @GMA this morn..@Nick_Offerman joins us at the breakfast table to talk abt his new movie @thefounderfilm

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Robin Roberts

Many are grateful for the work @FLOTUS did..& she found a way to connect & make a difference through her fashion @JujuChangABC has more @GMA

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Robin Roberts

Coming up on @GMA #BigBoard that urgent warning about high intensity workouts and how to tell if you're pushing yourself too hard at the gym

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Robin Roberts

Next @GMA @EvaPilgrim sat down w the teen kidnapped at birth.. speaking out abt the woman who raised her & who she says she'll always love

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Robin Roberts

When I wear orange as I am today @gma..I think of my friend #patsummitt. She'd say "right foot,… https://t.co/eVzJ0wlRd8

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Robin Roberts

Excited that @iamValC & @SharnaBurgess are here to perform an amazing number from the @DancingABC #WeCameToDance tour

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Robin Roberts

Feelin' "alright, alright, alright" that @McConaughey is at our @GMA breakfast table this Tues morn..he's talking about his new movie #Gold

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Robin Roberts

Next @GMA @marykbruce talks w the grandmother who inspired women all over the world to to take action..the story behind #MarchOnWashington

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Robin Roberts

Working on it and hope to have new episodes in very near future. Thanks for asking and for your patience.… https://t.co/FRv6CS5LKI

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Robin Roberts

Next @GMA @DrRichardBesser & @DrJAshton make a house call..a new study says you may want to rethink how you talk to your doctor.

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