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Social Change and Labor Activist for Life. Executive Director of @NationalNurses United, the Largest U.S. Organization of Nurses.

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Frances Fisher

Please make this phone call now, and share: https://t.co/Boxu0nX62o

Please make this phone call now, and share: https://t.co/Boxu0nX62o

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David Sirota

DNC candidate Tom Perez helped a convicted foreign bank avoid punishment & continue making fees off worker pensions https://t.co/rVdMhSFu8z

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Scholarly articles, blogs and conferences don't disclose ties to #BigPharma, help them cheat customers. #resist https://t.co/b99Zlgz1IK

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John Nichols

"Selecting Ellison as DNC chair is exactly the direction the D Party needs to go..." @RoseAnnDeMoro @NationalNurses https://t.co/mpj4e6M67U

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Today 5:30-6:30 pm Long Beach rally for #HealthyCA Act #SB562 w/ @senricardolara & Mayor Garcia. @LBMayorsOffice… https://t.co/kZVNC4ZSat

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RoseAnn DeMoro

.@ninaturner joins nurses at the #DNCChair election as they rally for @keithellison! Working class is taking back… https://t.co/6FwbzDyIc6

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RoseAnn DeMoro

"Twice as many patients as normal canceled their appointments last week... afraid of ICE." #resist #FridayFeeling https://t.co/2KWsamf2QW

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Capitol Watchdog

Nurses Engage On Next Health Care Revolution | Capitol Watchdog: https://t.co/8Pb2Un5dTR via @capwatchdog

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#Resist Ohio State University action against privatization of energy services in support of campus workers represen… https://t.co/TtVAarGLun

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RoseAnn DeMoro

If you can't explain what your candidate stands for, you may have the wrong candidate... unless you are okay with s… https://t.co/0GNlGmBW4O

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Some Dems defend corporate money True to form Perez refused to take a stand @keithellison wants corporate money OUT… https://t.co/bIxen3I8KU

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Valerie: "Stop Keith he will return the party to the people" Bernie: "Vote Keith he will return the party to the pe… https://t.co/Nzm3eMcB9u

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RoseAnn DeMoro

200+ millennial leaders have endorsed @keithellison for #DNCChair. This is the start of a Revolution:… https://t.co/KwmE31XvCB

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Great article @theintercept. & #MSM is trying desperately to find any candidate who has zero political positions.… https://t.co/IOeaTs20ty

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Chant-off at the #DNCChair election... I'll take the sound of singing nurses and union members over Wall St. shills… https://t.co/k2ckfOApGn

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Hey @daveweigel Hear the issue of corporate $$ out of #DNC had to be deferred until tomorrow. Where does each candidate stand? #DNCChair

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Where one stands on issues is what matters. Don’t vote for anyone politically hollow regardless of their identity.… https://t.co/IYeL6Fl10D

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