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Social Change and Labor Activist for Life. Executive Director of @NationalNurses United, the Largest U.S. Organization of Nurses.

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Shaun King

#IMarchWithLinda Here's the truth. @lsarsour is one of the most effective, skilled, passionate organizers in the… https://t.co/YFyhbglDiK

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RoseAnn DeMoro

Tom Price wants to raise #Medicare eligibility age - this will hurt seniors. Tell these senators: #PriceIsWrong for… https://t.co/HTL6cQcNCX

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RoseAnn DeMoro

I will bail @WaywardWinifred out. @People4Bernie. wow. @Lsarsour You are awesome. Your Sisters & Brothers have you… https://t.co/9VVdTiP5FM

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#PriceIsWrong: Tom Price has taken $4.8 mil from the #healthcare industry. Tell these senators to oppose Price for… https://t.co/T4D7xPcFvz

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RoseAnn DeMoro

HHS nominee Tom Price wants to privatize #Medicare and stands in the way of #Medicare4All. #PriceIsWrong for Americ… https://t.co/9OU09zA2WH

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RoseAnn DeMoro

#PriceIsWrong: Tom Price wants to privatize #Medicare. He's wrong for HHS Secretary. Tell these senators to vote NO… https://t.co/WMBvLfeODe

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The People will fight for their right to clean water. We're not backing down https://t.co/ZgtvKg04gb… https://t.co/YsKDMm2lnq

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#PriceIsWrong! Tom Price introduced legislation that benefitted companies he purchased shares in:… https://t.co/MWsREpkjf1

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.@cmarinucci #CaliforniaNurses are doing this with @GavinNewsom & any others who want to lead, follow or get out of… https://t.co/z1uzZoFQpu

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Goldman Sachs Exec. Steve #Mnuchin “pushed policies that widened economic inequality” https://t.co/U6e4jV0jyz… https://t.co/T2ZBxzfIup

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Fight @RepTomPrice or pay the #Price... that's our choice. #PriceIsWrong #mondaymotivation #NotMySuperBowl https://t.co/0pJZeD4nDd

Fight @RepTomPrice or pay the #Price... that's our choice. #PriceIsWro...

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We are fighting for a better world. #MSM would like to take us back to the NeoLiberal control. That's how we got he… https://t.co/enMlUBoCbl

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If you wonder why your family suffers, why no cure, ask your legislator how much $$ they get from people like these… https://t.co/WkO6ew0v16

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Wall Street overtly owns both parties. Bernie would have won. #DNC money people stopped him. https://t.co/XW3KHZSW7V via @HuffPostPol

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.@davidsirota Wall Street won't let either party do #SinglePayer. Way too much profit for the 1% off our illness &… https://t.co/gsTuuzUIrQ

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Thanks @tmorello for including Pence in this. In many ways, Pence is actually worse than Trump. So Trump mania al… https://t.co/A6QWeGEkan

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Trump to sign executive order to withdraw from TPP https://t.co/I6lWGzLrH0

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For the record, #mail4fromme1 , Hillary said that #SinglePayer would "never, ever happen" But it will because it mu… https://t.co/D7sB8ks2Rj

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