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By choosing #Brexit people in UK opted to become poorer – Dutch PM https://t.co/PMdTRk5eth https://t.co/mYmpXjzCnR

By choosing #Brexit people in UK opted to become poorer – Dutch PM htt...

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CIA breaks new ground by publishing guidelines on handling Americans’ data https://t.co/iUbHmcFza7

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Alexander Rubinstein

Officer yelled "Run motherf*cker, run" before firing pepper spray directly at somebody's face last night at the… https://t.co/zVP92sMQpf

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Dangerous game of Marco Polo: Duck outsmarts Tiger https://t.co/vf5glCguuL https://t.co/wLkXNtEvea

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Trump & Europe: It might not work, but it will be different (Op-Edge by John Lee) https://t.co/9Qqc18n1KJ

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DEVELOPING: #ISIS destroys part of Roman theater in #Palmyra – Syrian state TV https://t.co/QFKXWCUdbn

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United States of….Russia? Twitter explodes after Trump #Inauguration2017 fireworks spell ‘USR’… https://t.co/ptjYwEolte

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‘To help protect private property’: National Guard deploy anti-drone missile system at #DAPL protest… https://t.co/0HFwCjLnks

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‘Colorful Landing’: NASA unveils what landing approach to Pluto would look like https://t.co/sfUiSKEE8H https://t.co/APLUD11hLm

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'We will make your system fall': Protesters could steal show from Trump #inauguration2017 https://t.co/HkCCi3nePM https://t.co/75cmsT4gjC

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RT America

Tune in soon! RT America’s special coverage of #Inauguration2017 with @NewswithEd, @kingsthings and @anyaparampil https://t.co/dqUxv0xb4N

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All Laughs: #CIA declassifies some great Soviet jokes https://t.co/hOpxJcVVBq

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China at it again! Robo-parking garage that saves space and your nerves https://t.co/tFw1cfRYKX

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Who annoys #Trump most? The Donald’s biggest Twitter spats https://t.co/3C9E0SNYyP https://t.co/KoMhiS73eG

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Rent-a-boyfriend for $145/day: Chinese social media awash with New Year dating offers https://t.co/JzbLafbGor https://t.co/2bLrDT6rqP

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The Trumpening: @RT_America’s special coverage of #Inauguration2017 https://t.co/qRRiUsBMZo

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Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars, #Alibaba founder tells US https://t.co/8bwybG4t0J https://t.co/j2U7laiMqs

Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars, #Alibaba foun...

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MORE: Police sprayed protesters with unconfirmed substance at a high pressure #Deploraball https://t.co/MBZAkOWrRa https://t.co/QbOEAPkARk

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Mighty ducks: Plucky bird outsmarts furious Tiger (VIDEO) https://t.co/vf5glCguuL https://t.co/F3iLYvw85L

Mighty ducks: Plucky bird outsmarts furious Tiger (VIDEO) https://t.co...

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Before you go, #Obama: 'Has any other Nobel Peace prize winner dropped 100k bombs?' (TWEETS) /on.rt.com/80t0 https://t.co/PclZbtnXcE

Before you go, #Obama: 'Has any other Nobel Peace prize winner dropped...

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