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Scott Dworkin

The Numbers Are In:#Trump Inauguration Crowd 1/7th Size Of #Obama's @PoliticusSarah #trumpleaks #theresistance #rt https://t.co/tY7dqLjXRk

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Sarah Reese Jones

Don't let people shame you into not protesting. Read MLK letter from a Birmingham jail (excerpt): https://t.co/sA6zCBmrEz

Don't let people shame you into not protesting. Read MLK letter from a...

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Sarah Reese Jones

And here we thought they might be happy after they won. Nope Still rabid. https://t.co/YQ5jza4Ufy

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Sarah Reese Jones

"Should I keep the Twitter going or not? It's a way of bypassing dishonest media," Trump at Freedom Ball (also a way to avoid fact checks)

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Sarah Reese Jones

Watching Trump's face during the dance and I can't help but think he's amazed that the country is so stupid as to have bought his con.

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Sarah Reese Jones

The FEC Inadvertently Confirms That Trump Paid Actors to Attend His Announcement Event via @politicususa https://t.co/Mk0drDsBqC

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Sarah Reese Jones

Pool correction: "The MLK bust remains in the Oval Office.. It was apparently obscured by a door and an agent during the spray."

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Sarah Reese Jones

I'll smuggle in some wine. https://t.co/zKOoIo12Gw

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Richard Nowels

We do have hat makers in the US. They do cost a touch more. They are nice though. But people who want make a big ma… https://t.co/UvlVIpwnYh

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Sarah Reese Jones

Your maths is right. 4 it is:-) If I buy some supporters, I could be up to 10! https://t.co/7zWygv2fqE

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I'm blushing. That's 3, but seriously thank you:-) https://t.co/CZm88JbgEY

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2! https://t.co/cex7eYRSTk

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Sarah Reese Jones

Note: Not one Trump voter seemed even a little bit disturbed by this departure from his promises. They won't be hol… https://t.co/GqkA6BZ04z

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Of one:-) https://t.co/lRQTA8HEeX

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Sarah Reese Jones

Trump voter excuses for Trump China: 1. no one makes things here 2. hat was made in China but embroidered here (?) 3. Fake news.

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Sarah Reese Jones

That is so much better than most of the offers I get all day:-) https://t.co/br2EpD22Hm

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Sarah Reese Jones

Yes that must be why. No one makes hats in the U.S. But soon the Great Donald will fix all of that! Hats for everyo… https://t.co/oX4xcZFQeA

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Thanks David! https://t.co/1Tmui3uswz

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Tsach Gilboa

Let's not forget Obama's first executive order was the Lilly Ledbetter pay equity act. Class & intelligence vs. men… https://t.co/1kJz9RPRYr

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Sarah Reese Jones

"Apart from the return of the Churchill bust, the MLK bust was no longer on display," Pool report on Trump oval

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