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Hi, I'm Scott. I spent the last 2 years of my life working to defeat Hillary. We did it! #Trump2020 #LePen2017 #NeverMerkel

Virginia Beach, VA

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Scott Presler VA

This man is a great example of why democrats will keep losing elections. The democrat party isn't tolerant at all.… https://t.co/kkU2IQdF2T

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Scott Presler VA

Thank you to @RSBNetwork for interviewing me. Hope you had fun at our #GaysForTrump Ball! https://t.co/146RhHuxgc #InaugurationDay

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Maya Shwayder

.@ScottPresler, organizer of the #LGBT #DeploraBall, explains why he, as a gay man, voted for #Trump https://t.co/Lth9ACQk3m

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Scott Presler VA

What a historic night for the LGBTQ community. Straight allies & gays united as one w/ the GOP. #GaysForTrump… https://t.co/FObuyYRlO6

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LGBTory Canada

#Inauguration Beer & Politics Road Trip: pleased to meet @ScottPresler of #GaysForTrump at their Inaugural Ball. Me… https://t.co/c4Mqv1HAxe

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CONGRATULATIONS TO @peterboykin AMD @ScottPresler GAY #DeploraBall https://t.co/MaKHR67cHF

CONGRATULATIONS TO @peterboykin AMD @ScottPresler 
GAY #DeploraBall ht...

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Scott Presler VA

HISTORY: Gettin ready for the 1st ever LGBTQ & straight allies Inaugural Ball for a GOP President.… https://t.co/gXiX20Ovw5

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Scott Presler VA

While Trump supporters are stimulating the economy & spending $ at businesses, Hillary supporters are destroying th… https://t.co/h02JxUEqfw

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Scott Presler VA

Schools across America will now teach their students that Trump is the 45th President. It's so surreal. I'm ecstatic. #GodBlessAmerica

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Scott Presler VA

Hey, @Starbucks. You might want to rethink that Hillary Clinton endorsement. Her people are destroying your prope… https://t.co/L3k0uzXTd0

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Scott Presler VA

Headed to the Bolger Center in Maryland for the 1st ever LGBTQ & straight allies Inaugural Ball for a GOP President. #GodBlessAmerica

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Scott Presler VA

Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House. This is the safest I've felt in 8 years. #InaugurationDay #GodBlessAmerica

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Scott Presler VA

As a gay man, I proudly welcome Trump as the 45th POTUS. His AG will protect my rights & he'll protect me from terr… https://t.co/tWumsiF3Mp

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Scott Presler VA

I love President Trump's heart, vision, and commitment to putting #AmericaFirst. #InaugurationDay

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Scott Presler VA

Donald John Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents America has ever seen. #AmericaFirst #InaugurationDay

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