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Hi, I'm Scott. I spent the last 2 years of my life working to defeat Hillary. We did it! #Trump2020 #LePen2017 #NeverMerkel @ActForAmerica

Virginia Beach, VA

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Scott Presler VA

If Milo is so awful, why is it not a problem that Islam condones 13-year-olds marrying adults. ☠ https://t.co/RnKhZLFFDN #TuesdayThoughts

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Scott Presler VA

Thank you to WAVY News for including my voice on your program. #TuesdayThoughts #GaysForTrump https://t.co/mW9xQNdLAe

Thank you to WAVY News for including my voice on your program. 


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Scott Presler VA

Radical Islamist admits to raping over 200 Iraqi women. I'm proud to be working for an org. to help protect women.… https://t.co/hroOe3nKuL

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Joe Fisher

Large, boisterous crowd turned out for Rep. @Scotttaylorva's first town hall in #VirginiaBeach. Q's included #ACA,… https://t.co/olku5grmof

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Scott Presler VA

At the Scott Taylor town hall tonight, the protesters were even spitting at Trump supporters. This pushes peaceful democrats to vote @GOP.

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Scott Presler VA

Tonight, at the Scott Taylor town hall in Virginia Beach, VA, a Trump supporter was attacked & scratched by protest… https://t.co/KGB7p7yMDS

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Scott Presler VA

I'm at the Scott Taylor event and I've already been verbally attacked by a democrat for being a gay Republican.

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Scott Presler VA

Character Assassination. #Milo

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Scott Presler VA

The sad truth about free speech is just because you're able to say something doesn't mean that there aren't consequences. #Milo

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Scott Presler VA

Scott Taylor Town Hall TONIGHT 7 pm Kempsville High School Trump supporters coming in full force.

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Scott Presler VA

On this #PresidentsDay, I'm so thankful Trump is President & so grateful Hillary will never be one. https://t.co/sfjSP3dAB1

On this #PresidentsDay, I'm so thankful Trump is President & so gr...

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Scott Presler VA

ATTENTION: Nationwide #March4Trump on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 Find a local march near you:… https://t.co/NPCzx22KRg

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Scott Presler VA

Will democrats accept me the same way they accept a transgender woman? The double standard. #MAGAMondays #Milo… https://t.co/XbxSIBrW54

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Scott Presler VA

BREAKING: Central Ohio Bikers for Trump will be at the #March4Trump on Saturday, March 4th, 2017… https://t.co/y1bkF3Mc2v

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