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Founder of @MomsDemand, the grassroots army working to end gun violence in America. @EmergeAmerica Board member. Mother of five. Coloradan. Mizzourah!

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Jim Dwyer

A triumph of many hands that should not be swamped: America's largest housing project, zero shootings for 365 days. https://t.co/n0DHh3es3G

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Evan McMullin

Trump's Patriotic Devotion Day resembles North Korea's Generalissimo Day. By "patriotism," he means loyalty to him. https://t.co/T9rVaTrx3f

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Taylor Maxwell

👇My heroes are the women who refuse to be quiet when their communities are at risk. https://t.co/vvZhJugdMQ

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Chad Pergram

Fox confirms that Trump told bipartisan Congressional ldrs at WH mtg tonight he lost popular vote because "illegals" cast ballots

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Media Matters

Alex Jones: Donald Trump told me my show “is the main operating system of the rebirth of the American republic”… https://t.co/Rlde7YF8nW

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Guys. Don’t do this. Nobody has any idea who is collecting this information. The organizers say it’s not them. https://t.co/AYJxdwqUvX

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Shannon Watts

Our Moms have a way of standing out in a crowd. Stand with us in our fight to end gun violence. Text JOIN to 6443… https://t.co/f9QO5ZNlHI

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News 12 Now

Chattanooga Police announce new steps to reduce gun violence https://t.co/MPdPh3QCsC

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AR Democrat-Gazette

UPDATED: Little Rock high school student shot during attempted robbery, police say. Here's what we know »… https://t.co/k9RWb1WHIu

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Moms Demand Action

AGAIN: 4-year-old Florida boy dies after shooting himself in the face with a gun left on a table.… https://t.co/WXXLXloucF

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Chris Murphy

The NRA is wasting no time in trying to get rid of this important gun safety feature: https://t.co/DhkhLUidrt

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Jaime Alverson

Here we go again. Guns on campus do not make us safer. As a UA alum and public health professional I oppose #HB1249… https://t.co/6RRY2PgRgv

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Shannon Watts

Still waiting, @nranews... Or was that just an alternate fact? https://t.co/BehUGZWKWl

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Shannon Watts

Please share proof that I cheered Madonna's threat to blowup the White House... I'll wait. https://t.co/yHRf7pTxti

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Moms Demand Action

Survey: Concealed firearms not being allowed on Ohio college campuses despite new state law https://t.co/AFcmqixJBO https://t.co/hXb4weqhw3

Survey: Concealed firearms not being allowed on Ohio college campuses...

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Washington Post

The Women’s March didn’t resolve all feminist debates. It didn’t need to https://t.co/SkAi8Kzrmd via @PostOpinions

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Shannon Watts

So. Many. White. Men. https://t.co/wWBIEXksZN

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Shannon Watts

The government is sending someone subliminal subtweets... https://t.co/KBQ7ZbFJHt

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Media Matters

Even after Obama has left office, the NRA continues to make inflammatory comments about him: https://t.co/UKXNJVl8Gw https://t.co/j8k0TMGcM4

Even after Obama has left office, the NRA continues to make inflammato...

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