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Founder of @MomsDemand, the grassroots army of @Everytown working to end gun violence in America. @EmergeAmerica Board member. Mother of five. Coloradan.

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Shannon Watts

Sadly they did not have time to address other pressing issues like, "Does heaven have open carry?" and "Does Jesus… https://t.co/5XMoWAMlc2

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Matt Pearce

"Trump usually loves to celebrate all-American heroes. But he’s passed on commending Ian Grillot." https://t.co/kSAQnVMBgt

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Maggie Haberman

At what point do images like this prompt a more comprehensive public federal response? https://t.co/KJvNtNMhTx

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Shannon Watts

"They retrieved a shotgun from the car, pointed it at party-goers and said they'd kill them and that 'the little on… https://t.co/kDz7O8PKMq

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The Trace

The cost of caring for a teenager with a gunshot wound could bring an Illinois woman to the brink of financial ruin. https://t.co/jwjMeVapJT

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Khary Penebaker

Her son served our country in Afghanistan, but his brother died by gun violence here at home.… https://t.co/fhUnDX8Toj

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Christina Molina

Legislator meetings are in the works for @MomsDemand #WI. We'll #keepgoing - we've got the cross stitch to prove it! https://t.co/EoyUoC6Tju

Legislator meetings are in the works for @MomsDemand #WI. We'll #keepg...

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Shannon Watts

Congress wants to carry out dangerous @NRA agenda (as long guns aren't allowed in White House, Capitol bldg, distri… https://t.co/ATbyfp3H83

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