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Official account of Spotify Indonesia. Available in Indonesia now, Spotify brings you music for every moment. Play, discover and share for free.


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Spotify Indonesia

Menurut kalian, apa sih yang cocok melengkapi kalimat ini: "The more you ignore me, the ___" https://t.co/XDq4BprZY0

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Spotify Indonesia

When in doubt, go Premium! Langsung klik di sini: https://t.co/IMRGwPtVQu https://t.co/sTrXcXXE0f

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Spotify Indonesia

Kalian selalu bisa andalin #Spotify waktu ngga terhubung sama internet. Pakai"Offline" mode! Here's how: https://t.co/j0hj0kvgSu

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Spotify Indonesia

Get ready because @BandofNOTHING will arrive in Jakarta this Saturday. But first, click https://t.co/ypGp1XbNba to… https://t.co/ISWPoWMonF

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