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Guess who is not our President?🤗 #NotMyPresidentsDay https://t.co/KFKZSJcOGR

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BREAKING: Massive riots happening now in Sweden. Stockholm in flames. Trump was right again! https://t.co/ZQa9Res2tu https://t.co/9Qm3idTS9O

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Deplorable Melissa

If Trump is not your president, then this is not your country. What happened to moving to Canada? get with it #NOTMYPRESIDENTSDAY #TheFive

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I don't agree with the things Milo said but this manufactured hysteria over an old video is so fake. #CPAC 'Simon & Schuster'

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Hypocrisy at it's finest. The left is fine with Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Lena Dunham but demonizes Milo... #CPAC 'Simon & Schuster'

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BREAKING: President Trump has appointed H.R. McMaster as his new national security adviser. Congratulations Gen. M… https://t.co/AlgAKTpNCb

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My President. Your President. Our President. He is an American hero who is working tirelessly for the people.RT if… https://t.co/H9dZmmP6fv

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"My highest duty as president is to protect our citizens and to uphold the Constitution of the USA." - President Tr… https://t.co/yjTNLCvF2e

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Look what's happening in Afghanistan. Oh, wait.. this is Paris.. #ParisRiots #iamamuslimtoo https://t.co/fO06BmqXzE

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REPORT: White House deputy chief of staff @KMWalsh_GOP is a source of LEAKS. RT if you want a full investigation!… https://t.co/pVlaqcrDeV

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.@RushLimbaugh: "Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him. Obama had the media.… https://t.co/UL39CKVf5w

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Violent incidents happen every day in Sweden. If liberals had paid attention they would know what's going on. #swedenattack #SwedenIncident

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Hey Media, Trump never once mentioned a "terrorist attack." @Vox, @NBCNews, @GuardianUS are Very Fake News.… https://t.co/7aJBQsxYIy

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The left cheers Sharia loving Islamists like @lsarsour, but so offended because Melania Trump prays The Lord's Pray… https://t.co/mhjC9VhACy

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