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Bernie Sanders

Obamacare isn’t perfect. But the solution is not to throw millions off health care without a replacement plan and say, “You're on your own."

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The Resistance



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Bernie Sanders

I have run for office many times but I haven't tried to suppress the voting rights of those who oppose me. That is what cowards do.

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Pat Letourneau

@MAHAMOSA The South White House at Mar a Lago phone number is (561)832-2600. Apparently, this is the new citizen call number. Please share!

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ACLU National

Just a reminder on President's Day that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution. https://t.co/ePPGGtE9LL

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Bernie Sanders

If you're rich and powerful and commit illegal behavior you get promoted to the president's cabinet. There’s something very wrong with that.

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Bernie Sanders

Lincoln said "Of the people, by the people, and for the people," not "Of the billionaires, by the billionaires, and for the billionaires."

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Retro Jersey Shop

Major announcement tonight 👀

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The Onion

Steve Bannon’s Inflamed Liver Pulsing Visibly Through Shirt During Strategy Meeting https://t.co/3k8uiqNxNS https://t.co/aeSBKOWyfG

Steve Bannon’s Inflamed Liver Pulsing Visibly Through Shirt During Str...

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Bernie Sanders

We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by the anti-immigrant and xenophobic hysteria the Republican party has concocted.

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Bernie Sanders

As we fight back against this administration we must also celebrate success. People are fighting for a living wage… https://t.co/OGAUrUCoMB

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I Am A Muslim Too

RT if you stand with @lsarsour! #IAmAMuslimToo #IStandWithLinda #WomensMarch https://t.co/vDMDe8JcHF

RT if you stand with @lsarsour! #IAmAMuslimToo #IStandWithLinda #Women...

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Animal Overdose 🐾

when u get your license suspended but u got a dog so its ok https://t.co/5hcy4W4qdt

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Bernie Sanders

Right now, if you are poor, government turns its back on you, yet it welcomes the wealthy and their lobbyists. That is totally backwards.

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Bernie Sanders

Pope Francis is right. Health care should not be a privilege only for the wealthy. https://t.co/2J2ShMbkbw

Pope Francis is right. Health care should not be a privilege only for...

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