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Thinker of thoughts

GoT fans will get this, Trump is the Little Finger of America. He'd burn it all to the ground to be King of the ashes.

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My president is smart My president is funny My president is serious My president is kind My president is loving My… https://t.co/ynVzNPDzNg

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Relatable Quotes

When all you wanted was a sugar daddy & now you're the First Lady of the United States https://t.co/bNDulBaEcA

When all you wanted was a sugar daddy & now you're the First Lady...

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Guys... Donald Trump quoted Bane in his #Inauguration speech! https://t.co/tVZQ4ppgPK

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Bob Harlow

Today, Trump listed many challenges Americans face. But biggest threat facing Americans was not on his list. That threat is Trump himself.

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Trump signed a stack of executive orders moments after he became president https://t.co/TAtc9kbQG5 https://t.co/gCb0o20HGH

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Tom Perez

Dear President Trump, We will fight back—and that's a promise. Sincerely, America My full letter: https://t.co/BwE5XhCmoi

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Thinker of thoughts

I don't recall riots when Obama was elected. Hmmmmm wonder why that is? https://t.co/zGVas4MHcT

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