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Joshua Hoyos

Trump told the pool on AF1: "Life is a campaign. Making our country great again is a campaign."

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Tom Llamas

Cc: @rickklein @shushwalshe reactivate the politics desk - embed applications are being accepted YourVoiceYourVote… https://t.co/zCfSOVkhj4

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Shirleen Allicot

#breaking: Pedro Hernandez has been found GUILTY in the 1979 murder of Etan Patz.

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Karen Travers

.@SenJohnMcCain to reporters: Trump admin "is in significant disarray as far as national security is concerned. And they need to fix that"

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Tom Llamas

Thanks for watching! We'll take it. https://t.co/T14cExW7yX

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Good Morning America

WATCH: The incredible moment that our super coach, Phillip Rhodes, finds out he is going to the #SuperBowl! #SB51 https://t.co/NgXwqbgLHW

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Rick Klein

inbox: Simon & Schuster announces "two new books from Hillary Rodham Clinton." (essays inspired by quotes, picture book of Takes a Village)

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Tom Llamas

Great day at @ABC. Hope you'll join us! And big congrats to the fiercest team at the White House: @jonkarl &… https://t.co/cfAoz1Jcbf

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Tom Llamas

Not a great start. Why is this important? Mexico is our neighbor, 3rd largest trading partner, & 11% of Americans a… https://t.co/Jhs6WlRgFa

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Tom Llamas

"I'm going with my secretary!" @POTUS on relying on advice from cabinet on torture. @ABC2020 #POTUSonABC

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Tom Llamas

👀Takes a village@ABCWorldNews @chasebc @clairebrinberg @EmilyABC @CroftABC @chrisdonato04 @CandaceSmith_@shushwals… https://t.co/BLETB7kUKd

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Good Morning America

BREAKING: Actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at 80 years old, her longtime rep says. https://t.co/4v4hoicfGZ

BREAKING: Actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at 80 years old, he...

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Christine Romo

.@DavidMuir first @POTUS interview since taking office. Tonight on @ABCWorldNews and @ABC2020 tonight. https://t.co/mg3MU1B4aT

.@DavidMuir first @POTUS interview since taking office.  Tonight on @A...

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Tom Llamas

Ohio (a state Trump won) weighs in https://t.co/9IzQXnxjRN

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