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ABC NEWS: Covering the GOP Presidential Candidates

World News Tonight Sunday

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Michael Del Moro

The President-elect is implying that the Director of the CIA may have leaked information from a classified briefing https://t.co/WxcfkY9uJM

The President-elect is implying that the Director of the CIA may have...

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Tom Llamas

#Truth 👇 https://t.co/VW484yydh4

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Shushannah Walshe

Trump answers @CeciliaVega's q abt his msg to Putin now that PE acknowledges Russian hacking "He shouldn't be doing it he won't be doing it"

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Rick Klein

If you didn't think Rubio would be among the most interesting people to watch on the Hill before, you do know.

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Robin Roberts

Last night @POTUS delivered his farewell speech..coming up next this Wed morn @GMA @TomLlamasABC is in Chicago with the highlights.

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Tom Llamas

.@POTUS getting a bit choked up as he praises Michelle and their daughters.

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Tom Llamas

"That’s why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans." So far this line from @POTUS got the most applause & a standing ovation.

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Tom Llamas

Eddie Vedder w/ @voiceofChicago at @POTUS farewell address. #chicago #PJ @PEARLJAM https://t.co/RFd0Mac5kG

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ABC News

BREAKING: Carrie Fisher, legendary "Star Wars" actress, has died at age 60, family spokesperson tells @ABC News. https://t.co/LSUinIGqVI

BREAKING: Carrie Fisher, legendary 'Star Wars' actress, has died at ag...

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Ben Siegel

ICYMI: @TomLlamasABC on Trump's wild Tuesday, from Kanye West to West Allis, WI -praising Paul Ryan + his SoS pick: https://t.co/Xknt5HGQmb

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Arlette Saenz

In 2011, Perry forgot the Department of Energy as a department he wanted to eliminate in his famous "oops" moment… https://t.co/YH4g1MDFyU

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Tom Llamas

Sources confirm @realDonaldTrump will name Rick Perry as Energy Secretery. I'm told Perry will accept. @ABCPolitics. More coming up on @GMA

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Shushannah Walshe

Per senior Trump transition sources, Ronna Romney McDaniel--Michigan GOP chairwoman--has emerged as Trump’s likely pick for RNC chair.

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Tom Llamas

I keep looking at this headline. https://t.co/DFTL2TWw4v

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Tom Llamas

More on @GMA right now https://t.co/rAYyaS5wRG

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Tom Llamas

Top transition source tells me for the first time @PRyan heads to Trump Tower today to meet with PEOTUS. #TrumpTransition @ABCPolitics

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Tom Llamas

"We call him Indiana Mike" -@realDonaldTrump on @mike_pence

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Tom Llamas

This is an incredible and telling headline. h/t @MarcACaputo https://t.co/WHA5MyFaRM

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Tom Llamas

Trump announces @TerryBranstad will be next amb to China.Trump says Branstad would say "I like them & they like me & we do well with China"

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Tom Llamas

Protestors try to disrupt Trump Iowa rally. Trump says "I think they're actually on our side they just don't know i… https://t.co/oMiCcFaxrk

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