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Everyday is a day 2 ponder the legacy of #MLK & his actions of love, disruptive peace, & intrepid faith in humankind https://t.co/H4A8rLeLXl

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The voice is theirs, the words are his. See how Twitter came together to celebrate Dr. King #IHaveADream https://t.co/nT2lNBPrBK

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Tracee Ellis Ross

My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. #IHaveADream

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John Lewis

Even though I was arrested, I smiled bc I was on the right side of history. Find a way to get in the way #goodtrouble http://t.co/SN0K6lHbqO

Even though I was arrested, I smiled bc I was on the right side of his...

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John Lewis

There is no sound more powerful than the marching feet of a determined people. #goodtrouble

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Tracee Ellis Ross

We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us. @womensmarch #WomensMarch #January21

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EXCLUSIVE: @TraceeEllisRoss, @IssaRae and @jes_chastain praise @PPact's "needed, important and wonderful" work.… https://t.co/T5N4oHZbdR

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TV Guide

#blackish's latest episode presents a way to move forward in Trump's America https://t.co/Cc7ZVoTZZS https://t.co/ajmFm1oSO9

#blackish's latest episode presents a way to move forward in Trump's A...

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The Ringer

.@black_ishABC took on the election—and was perfectly positioned to do it, writes @aherman2006 https://t.co/2AV922Erls

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ashley ray

read my @black_ishABC review because @anthonyanderson deserves 10 awards for this episode #blackish @BlackishWriters https://t.co/mBCAv7ycON

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.@black_ishABC captured the mood in pre–President Trump America in a way that feels historic https://t.co/ENCGQFcnRd

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Tracee Ellis Ross

You my dear are a gem. My heart explodes every time I see you. https://t.co/tattqZGSzR

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Thank you! So glad I didn’t fall flat on my face when I saw you on Sunday 😂 it was close! https://t.co/hgY2t8cpQL

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Thank you my friend! https://t.co/WJCLEFL6Lk

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Thank you my sweet sister ❤️❤️ https://t.co/GMpanCYbST

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Thank you. I think you’re fantastic. https://t.co/DyV7O8cXfK

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Danny Glover

Congrats @violadavis @moonlightmov @TraceeEllisRoss @DonaldGloverrr & all the other deserving winners & nominees at tonight's Golden Globes!

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I love that I got to hug you on Sunday night! We’ve traveled a long road together, my friend! https://t.co/jqEyKVF95x

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Well you know how i feel about you Natish. You might just be the love of my life. Thank you my friend. https://t.co/6zYJFcR3dQ

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❤️❤️ https://t.co/r53ohEQs5W

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