Funny because it's tru.

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"For me, nothing says Football like BOUILLABAISSE." Watch the season finale of @TheRealDratch's #LateNightSnack TON… https://t.co/NHcasNIs9C

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Watches Footloose once. #ThoseWhoCant https://t.co/Ek3bWLVxbp

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Lights on or in the dark? Find out on Alec Baldwin’s #LoveRide on the season finale of #LateNightSnack TONIGHT 11:3… https://t.co/IzWN8MtnI7

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We haven't been watching the news lately, but this episode of Celebrity Apprentice is INTENSE.

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Adam RuinsEverything

Here's a video clip explaining how we can overcome partisan polarization. Not sure why we picked today of all days… https://t.co/pcymMSZTMk

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Around here, “Peaceful transition of power” is just what we call lending a coworker your phone charger. #Inauguration

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What turned its back on @AhamedWeinberg? Find out in his APOLOGY from last night's #ComedyKO https://t.co/V5TTdpDG2i

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Here’s to one of the only days where it’s acceptable to watch TV at work. #Inauguration

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We hope your sister isn't watching, @FunnyLynne. And we REALLY hope your niece isn't. #ComedyKO https://t.co/UuvTIZxpAA

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Don't worry @ahamedweinberg, providing hope for people is an extremely noble thing to do. @AlonzoBodden #ComedyKO https://t.co/va0jNMapnU

Don't worry @ahamedweinberg, providing hope for people is an extremely...

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Not sure we get this reference @FunnyLynne. Isn't he just some guy who played football and was in those Naked Gun m… https://t.co/q6nyhSsR5u

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An all-new #ComedyKO is on RIGHT NOW at 11/10C. (And come on @ahamedweinberg, that was a good show.) @FunnyLynne https://t.co/mJhTafz3Np

An all-new #ComedyKO is on RIGHT NOW at 11/10C. (And come on @ahamedwe...

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The Walking Dead

.@billyeichner is the Lucille to our Negan. MEANING WE LOVE HIM. Anyway, please watch this: https://t.co/9KId9Rl8dh

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She's got a fire in her belly and closet full of lady rage. Watch MUTHA and more on Friday's season finale of… https://t.co/H7jZ0oJDvq

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It's a BIRDIE! (See what we did there?) #CarbonaroEffect https://t.co/Z1cRvb0Ok9

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SERIOUS QUESTION: When Trump isn’t staying at the White House, can we shoot a @truTVJokers segment there?… https://t.co/SP7klcLZOj

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HOCKEY SKATE HARD! #JonGlaserLovesGear https://t.co/fQ78W9IUuu

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Is it gross to have a sugar daddy? Comedians @AlonzoBodden @FunnyLynne + @ahamedweinberg give their takes in a new… https://t.co/2CaCHVLV5G

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Rachel Dratch

Since @billyeichner is having his moment, let's enjoy this golden oldie! (No that is not me singing)… https://t.co/S4Zcnh83BV

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Ben Roy

Hey, @truTV #thosewhocant fans! We'll be performing at Sketchfest in San Francisco this Thursday and Friday. Get tix https://t.co/qOLrhWPGbh

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