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Presidente de México de 2000 a 2006.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Mi querido Donald: "el pez por su boca muere". Your own words are a reality today. Poor America, so close to you a… https://t.co/Z2Qr2BcPiE

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Let America build bridges and railways in their land. The World will continue to go on building bridges and much more all over the globe.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Trump will protect the US from ravaging? Does that includes the payment of taxes of those who have avoided them. huh @realDonaldTrump?

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Speaking of allegiance, Trump? Speaking of greatness? Speaking of success? America was already great and succesful, then you happened!

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Vicente Fox Quesada

The world is listening, Trump. This day shall be remember as the day that AMERICA mourned for its own greatness.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

TODAY THE WORLD JOINS EFFORTS TO OVERCOME THESE HARDTIMES. We will our jobs done, with or without the US.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

With a 60% voters turn-out in the election and winning 45% of those votes, That's not winning! Certainly, America didn't vote for Trump.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Quoting Kennedy: What can you do for your Country, @realDonaldTrump? You've never been honest! Do you know what America need you to do?

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Today we turn into an era of uncertainty. If Donald the Unready doesn't learn to behave, the rest of the world needs to come together.

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Amigos, venga lo que venga México ha sido y es más grande que sus obstáculos. ¡No agachemos la cabeza! https://t.co/xXQbdXUj4x

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Trump, a "champion for working class"? Oh, America, you were deeply deceived by someone who is the champion of himself.

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Conan O'Brien

Donald Trump’s inauguration is expected to be the most costly in US history. And that’s not even factoring in the money.

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Grupo Fórmula

Donald Trump nos está llevando a una situación que puede convertirse en grave asegura: @VicenteFoxQue con @MarioBeteta por 103.3 FM

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CNN International

The Dalai Lama's guide to the next four years https://t.co/sKBK4pFuII https://t.co/AqTSN0b8Oh

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Well done Trump "2,000 GM factory workers losing their jobs on Friday in USA,the same day that Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president"

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Milenio Televisión

#Ahora | #FoxPopuli con @VicenteFoxQue por @mileniotv https://t.co/F8nSTiQWqF https://t.co/v24C0RVWXW

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Vicente Fox Quesada

Over 1,300 companies put Mexico on the top10 countries to invest in. World economy doesn't stop nor start with Trump https://t.co/B3SwgeXGOl

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Vicente Fox Quesada

… of self-centered and self-indulgent policies, the US will crumble from the inside. What we need today are bridges, not stupid walls!

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