Tuesday, June 4

How To Choose an Estate Agent for Your Move


Deciding whom to choose to sell your house in Hammersmith with is an important decision, and a quick walk down the high street will show you just how many Hammersmith estate agents there are to choose from. A lot of marketing takes place online, so when you throw in estate agents with no bricks and mortar premises based solely on the internet, the choice can be mind-boggling.

Do Some Research

The first thing to do is to find out as much as possible about your local estate agents, how long they have been in business, what friends and family think and whom they used, what their reviews are like and their commission percentage, including the full terms. Now, the first trap to avoid is just picking the cheapest, as this is not always the best bet. It could end up being the estate agent you appoint but dig deeper and do not make this the only criteria for your decision.

But They Are the Cheapest!

Fees vary but honestly, not by that much; they are generally all on par for your local area. Occasionally agents will offer a sale price, perhaps when the market is slow, but be clear on why they are cutting their commission and whether this will impact the service you get from them. Some agents get hung up on having vast listings, so they will offer cheaper fees to properties they consider more challenging to shift and not focus on actively selling them. You want an agent who goes all out to find your buyer.

Steer Clear of Upfront Payments

Although it is not against any rules, most agents understand that upfront payment is not a good tactic. There is no incentive for them to sell, and they accept that their trade is based on a reward on return. They get their money when your house sells, so do not be tempted to take a payment upfront deal because it sounds good. It also means that if things get complicated down the line, they could turn around and say you didn’t pay for extra services and seek more money. Genuine agents do not use this practice.

Lots Of Boards Means Lots of Sales, right?

A for-sale board used to be the main way potential buyers knew what was on the market, but times have changed, and some of the best-performing estate agents don’t focus on sale boards anymore. Some vendors do not want to have a board up, and there are loads of ways to promote their listings, with the intent naturally being one of them. It is more important to find out how they do this. Do they use Rightmove and other popular sites, or do they market on their website? These are more important issues than whether or not they have loads of boards up.

The bottom line is finding an estate agent that can sell your property in a timely manner, with reasonable costs and offer you support along the way. Local agents that live in the area are generally invested more than out-of-town internet sites.